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Privacy and Security
Dear Partner
Confidentiality of your information is an important issue for Alinma Bank. Therefore, we have a commitment to our clients and work hard to guarantee confidentiality of their information. And while information is considered a key element in our ability to provide you with a high quality service, your trust remains the major drive. Hence, Privacy and security of our client's information and using them strictly in accordance with their wish fall in the forefront of our priorities at the bank. On these bases stands our promise to every client that we shall:

1. Secure every and any information provided by our clients with the most accurate security and privacy standards.

2. Restrict the amount of information and their use to the minimum requirement needed to manage and operate our work and to provide you with a high quality service, including introducing to you our products, services and other opportunities offered to them.

3. Allow only permitted members, highly trained on client information management, to access our client's information, and any member of our staff who violates this commitment would be held accountable for violations or instructions of the bank.

4. Not share any of our clients' information with any third party without our client's written consent or agreement, or his authorization, or enforced by the law.

5. Maintain monitoring of confidentiality of our client's information, but we would assist in facilitating some proper products and services provided by some prominent companies. Those companies would not be allowed to keep any of our client's information unless the client clearly shows interests in their products and services.

6. Inform our clients clearly and direct them at least once a year on how to remove their names from the list of contacts and marketing of those companies. Our client can contact us at any time to remove his name from those lists.

7. Every time we use a third party for support services, we require that party to comply with our privacy policy standards and allow us to monitor and search their commitment to it.

8. For purposes of preparing credit reports, matching, and risk management, we would share information of our clients with prominent resource references and clearing house services.

We try to keep our client's profile complete, accurate and up to date. And we will inform our client's on how and where to access their account information easily (with exceptions of legally restricted cases), also with how to report to us of any mistake to be corrected.

We will frequently evaluate ourselves in order to ensure compliance with our standards of client's information privacy. And will practice our activity in such manners that fulfill our promise in every community we work in.

This section explains our policy concerning any personal information you may provide to us when you visit our site. Our goal is to protect your information on the internet with the same level of protection we provide you in all other points of service, branches, ATM machines and telephone.

Information confidentiality
Alinma Bank Internet Information Privacy Policy

1. You can visit this site, take a look at our products and services, read the bank's reports, look for employment opportunities, read the bank's latest news brief and other valuable services without having to provide us with any information about yourself.

2. If you provide us with any of your personal information (address, phone number or fax number) or any other basic or introductory information as a client of Alinma Bank, then we are committed to not disclose these information, share them with any person (or a third party), or sell them unless you are reported and we have your authorization, or enforced by the law. And we will protect these information and your activities and dealings through our strict usual standards of information security and confidentiality.

3. In order to serve you best and avoid suspected threats concerning information security and confidentiality, we would sometimes use 'Cookies' a bit of information downloaded in your PC explorer that you can remove later. These Cookies are often used to managerial purposes as: storing your preferences to certain kind of information or saving your password so you would not have to re-type it every time you visit our website. Most of these information remains only during every session or visit, and don not include anything that allows anyone to contact you through your phone or e-mail. You could always adjust your explorer to inform you when any Cookies are installed or to stop installing them.


Be confident that we will maintain confidentiality of your data. We will protect the privacy of your information automatically and on daily basis and without you having to request that. We, also, would like you to know that you can be confident and not only in protecting your data, but that we will provide you with all financial services available now and in the coming years.
Thank you for giving us the chance to serve your transactions and financial needs.

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