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Terms and Conditions of Online and Phone Banking Services:
Alinma bank shall provide banking services through Alinma online and phone banking services (Alinma System). Access and use of such services shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

* Alinma system enables the client to get a number of services and products as well as executing transactions such as transfer between accounts with the bank, transfer to other accounts with local banks, bill payments and other services and transactions provided by the bank.

* The bank shall have the right to reject, for whatever reason, any request related to log in or access to Alinma system as well as any instructions or inquiries which come from the user through Alinma system.

* The client has authorized the bank to execute all instructions coming from the client or the user through Alinma online and phone banking services.

* The bank committed, subject to its own discretion, to execute all instructions and banking transactions required by the client online or via phone, provided that such instructions and transactions comply with Alinma system and conform to the bank's work procedures, instructions of the concerned authorities and the banking practices.

* The bank shall credit the client's account with any funds and transactions executed by the client online or via phone using Alinma system. The client shall be fully responsible for all obligations arise from the use of the service, whether the client is aware of the execution of such transactions or not. The client has authorized the bank to deduct, without referring to it, the financial liabilities resulting from using Alinma system from its bank account related to the service or from any of its other accounts with the bank. The client committed to pay all charges and expenses fixed by the bank in return for benefiting from Alinma services. Such charges and fees may be amended from time to time at the bank's absolute discretion.

* The client acknowledged its full responsibility for its personal use of Alinma system in accordance with the established purposes and uses. The client also acknowledged its responsibility for the execution of banking transactions performed online or via the phone along with any other use performed by its authorized person through the use of access details, user credentials and password. The client further acknowledged to maintain the aforesaid details and not disclosing them to any person, authority or bank employee. Additionally, the client acknowledged that the password is deemed as its personal signature irrespective of who uses it. The bank shall not bear any damages, consequences, losses or indemnities resulting from the non-commitment by the client to any of the aforementioned. The client shall be responsible for the validity, correctness and regulatory of all transactions performed through using the Alinma services.

* The user shall incur all telephone charges and expenses related to connecting its computer with Alinma system plus any fees paid to any service provider. The bank may add any fees arising from any additional services required by the user through Alinma system (such as the services of other providers) and the client shall be informed, through Alinma online service, if such fees are incurred.

* The client acknowledged that the bank, its employees and its affiliated authorities are not responsible for any losses, damages, financial claims or the like caused by the use of the user ID and password. The client commits to notify the bank, in writing, if it becomes aware that the user name and ID have become known to others so that the bank can take the required action. The client shall be responsible for all transactions and instructions issued from him until the bank receives the written notice.

* The client committed to keep confidential all data, information and transactions related to its account as well as any other data which can be accessed and downloaded or stored from the internet or any other computer. The client shall be responsible for any unauthorized use and all consequences, losses and damages which may result from such unauthorized use whether they were direct or indirect on the part of the bank or the client.

* The client acknowledged that it has no ownership rights in the intellectual and publication rights of the programs and documents related to Alinma online service; and agrees that it shall not allow its users to copy, amend, download or transfer the online service programs to similar electronic devices.

* The bank may cancel the online service at any time and without giving prior notice to the client. The client may cancel subscriptions pursuant to a written request delivered to the bank and shall be fully responsible for the services and transactions executed till the notice date of the bank acceptance of the cancelation.

* The client agreed to authorize the bank to send all correspondences and notices related to this service through e-mail and fax; and committed to take every possible precaution to keep confidential the contents of such correspondences and shall be responsible in the event of any default to this commitment.

* The client agreed to authorize the bank to record all communication and instructions, including the instruction of adding other users to the online service, and such voice recording shall be deemed an evidence of its content in the event of using the toll free number (Assistant Office).

* The bank exerts reasonable efforts to ensure the provision and functioning of Alinma system and shall be responsible for action and execution in accordance with the user's instructions sent through Alinma system and received by the bank. The bank shall not bear any responsibility, losses or indemnities resulting from fault, failures or defects in the equipments and communication lines which may have an effect on the accuracy of the messages sent by the user or on their arrival time.

* The bank shall not present any representations or warranties in relation to quality, swiftness, performance, accuracy or the like and shall not that Alinma system is free of defects or errors. The client acknowledged to disclaim the bank of all issues related to such defects and error, provided that there is no deliberate breach or negligence form the bank side.

* The data and information received by the user from the bank or any other service provider shall be deemed reliable and the user shall be provided by such data and information on the basis of exerting the possible efforts to ensure its ease. Yet, such ease is not guaranteed and, consequently, the bank shall not be liable for any shortfall, inaccuracy, perfection, availability or arrival time of such data and information or any other decision taken by using them.

* The bank shall not be liable for any computer virus or problems related to the information provided by the bank and arising out of the services provided by any of the information providers or result from the user PC. The bank shall not be responsible also for any piracy or fraud actions.

* The bank may amend these terms and notify the client by such amendment/amendments. The client continuity in using Alinma system shall be considered as an acceptance of the amendment. The client may request the amendment of the terms, provided that the bank accepts such request in writing.

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